immagine Civic Collection “Mario Giacomelli”


Civic Collection “Mario Giacomelli”

Set up in the exhibition rooms of Palazzo del Duca, it contains the works of the great artist from Senigallia and the photographic collections of the Misa School and other great photographers of the twentieth century.


Since 2020 Senigallia, City of Photography, has dedicated a wing of the Palazzo del Duca to a permanent exhibition of the works of Mario Giacomelli donated by the artist himself to the City in the 90s of the twentieth century. Exposed to the visitor’s view about eighty shots selected and set up in collaboration with the archives Giacomelli represented by the two directors Simone Giacomelli and Katiuscia Biondi. Not a temporary exhibition then, but a rearrangement of the permanent collection that wants to tell the poetic and artistic universe of the great photographer from Senigallia and make it accessible permanently. It also wants to provide an innovative reading of the work of the Master that is proposed not so anthological, for years and series, but retraces the poetics highlighting themes and suggestions. The salient trait of the personality – private and photographic – by Mario Giacomelli is the strong roots to his land (unwillingly moved from it) but despite this he managed to immediately through his art to overcome geographical boundaries being his work characterized by a strong spirit of experimentation and a voracious desire for research.He moved little from Senigallia, visited Scanno, Lourdes, Loreto, Apulia and Calabria, but it was from the landscape and from the characters of his land that drew full hands: the seminarians of “I have no hands that caress my face”, the elderly of the hospice of “Death will come and it will have your eyes”, the countryside with the people who live there, the lovers inspired by the anthology of Spoon River, the portraits, everything tells of Senigallia and its territory, from the sea to the hinterland. The Civic Collection “Mario Giacomelli” also houses the works of the “Senigalliese laboratory” of photography that was the Misa Group, founded by Giuseppe Cavalli in 1954 to which a young and curious Giacomelli joined for a short time together with Ferruccio Ferroni: a group that contributed to the important theoretical debate that took place in Italy in those years around the functions and aesthetics of photography. A common milieu that produced, however, very different results, both in the photographic rendering, in the technique and in the poetics of the various authors, an extraordinary laboratory of ideas that had a short but intense life and from which the genius of Mario Giacomelli stood out and developed throughout the second half of the twentieth century.



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