immagine Foro Annonario


Foro Annonario

Struttura neoclassica progettata nel 1834 dall'architetto senigalliese Pietro Ghinelli

Foro Annonario is a harmonious neoclassical brickwork structure with a welcoming square that was designed to enlarge the commercial area within the ancient city walls.

Every day the circular space hosts a fresh vegetable and fruit market. The colonnade has a total of 24 columns with Dorian capitals, where several small shops offer local foods and wines.


Designed in 1834 by architect Pietro Ghinelli from Senigallia, Foro Annonario is one of Senigallia’s landmarks. Its role in the urban space has remained unchanged since its construction. The heart of Foro Annonario is the square encircled by a total of 24 columns with Dorian capitals. The old fish market is protected by the portico from sunlight, which only reaches this part of the structure at sunset.

Foro Annonario is also a fascinating stage for important events, cultural initiatives and shows. The recent refurbishment works have converted it in the city’s cultural heart: the perfectly restored attic houses a public library (Biblioteca Antonelliana) and the Municipal Archives (Archivio Comunale).


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