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Castelleone di Suasa

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Castelleone di Suasa

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The village stands at the top of a small hill and is surrounded by medieval walls, overlooking the Catria mountain range and the Cesano valley as far as the Adriatic Sea.
The historical centre hosts the Della Rovere palace, a magnificent example of civil architecture of the late Renaissance, built at the beginning of the 16th-century by the Marquis Ippolito Della Rovere.


Archaeological area - Roman city of Suasa

On the left side of the Cesano river, in Pian Volpello, you will find the remains of the Roman municipium of Suasa, an important center of the Cesano valley.

Visitors can admire the ancient paved road, the commercial forum, two burial areas, the remains of the mighty amphitheater (end of the first century B.C.) and especially the rich patrician house known as ‘domus of Coiedii’, with magnificent mosaic floors, which was inhabited from the first century B.C. to the fifth century A.D.

The visit to the archaeological area is completed with the Museum of the City of Suasa located in the Livia della Rovere palace.

Loggia of Corso Marconi

In 1604 the construction of the convent of San Francesco di Paola determined the urban development of Castelleone di Suasa along the line that connected the castle and the new religious complex.

Soon the sides of the busy street were occupied by a sequence of terraced houses and, during the 18th century, a long loggia was built on the eastern side for the benefit of the numerous shops and to give shelter to the believers who wanted to reach the church of Santissimo Crocifisso, now San Francesco di Paola.


The Onion Festival

The Onion Festival takes place in Castelleone di Suasa in the first weekend of September. Among musical shows and games for children, visitors can follow the paths of taste that lead to the taverns set up in the historical center of the town.

There, they can taste the typical dishes of Castelleone di Suasa and of the surrounding territory based on the famous ‘Suasa Onions’.


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