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From Senigallia to the Castles of Arcevia the treasures of Val Mivola (by

The route we propose is part of the guide created by Daniele Cesaro, the travel blogger of Venetian origin who travels in search of the best experiences to try in Italy and in the world in a completely sustainable way.

Daniele Cesaro, with his experience and passion for travel, will guide you to discover unique gods and unforgettable activities, all with respect for the environment and local communities. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure, immersed in the unspoiled beauty of our country, discovering hidden treasures and authentic traditions.

On this page you will find the first steps of the journey to discover the treasures of Val Mivola.


If by chance you are looking for Val Mivola on the Marche map, you will have difficulty finding it because… it is not found on the maps! But how?

This is because the Val Mivola is the tourist subject born a few years ago in the Marche that unites the Apennines on one side, the coasts on the other, including nine villages and towns in the province of Ancona:Senigallia, Arcevia, Barbara, Castelleone di Suasa, Corinaldo, Ostra, Ostra Vetere, Serra De Conti, Tre Castelli.

To enhance this wonderful territory and rich in hidden pearls, they joined together, to allow those who visit it to pass from the sea to the high hill with ease in a loop tour. They identified this territory by giving themselves a name that is nothing more than the acronym of the two rivers that flow in these parts: Misa and Nevola.

This region reveals the most authentic essence of the Marche: a route that goes from the sea coast to the foot of the Sibillini mountains. Starting from Senigallia, with this tour in four days you can reach the Castles of Arcevia, crossing Corinaldo, Ostra, Ostra Vetere, Serra De’ Conti, Trecastelli.

This is an enchanting route to explore calmly, discovering genuine places, traditional flavors and customs far from the usual tourist itineraries. A place that amazes and moves, with its magical villages permeated with beauty and spirituality, its quiet coasts bathed by the sea and the excellent quality of food and typical products of local agriculture.

From the first to the last stage, we walk together the itineriario to the discovery of Val Mivola.

Let’s start from Senigallia.

Day 1: Senigallia not only sea

In the itinerary between sea and hills of Val Mivola, Senigallia is the first stop not to be missed. With its velvet beach and the Rotonda sul Mare, the town is the seaside resort par excellence. It is not to be visited only for its Blue Flag beaches, for its hidden treasures, the proximity to the hills, the craftsmanship, the best ice cream in Italy by Paolo Brunelli and much more. No more spoilers!

Arrived in Senigallia thanks to the railway connections we literally took a few steps outside the train station to find ourselves in front of the majestic Rocca Roveresca. Before visiting we left our suitcases down in a fantastic Hotel 4* del Lungomare: City Hotel.

The Hotel is in a great location very close to the famous Rotonda di Senigallia and therefore less than 20 meters from the beach. The rooms are very bright, spacious and functional, with large bathroom, spacious and comfortable shower. Ask the room "with sea view" if you want to wake up so! Great cleaning, comfortable bed, soft linen. It deserves to be more valued with some modernization but if you want to enjoy the sea and relax, this is the place for you. The service is friendly and with the right degree of informality. Efficient reception (response to the second ring).

From the first to the last stage, we walk together the itineriario to the discovery of the city of Senigallia.

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Stage 1: La Rocca Roveresca


The adventure begins right here in Piazza del Duca, dominated by the majestic Rocca Roveresca, which bears witness to the Roman roots of Senigallia. The Rocca Roveresca is one of the symbols of Senigallia. Built in 1480 it still stands mighty right in front of the sea and the railway station.

The visit is free on the first Sunday of the month. The visit is really beautiful and full of surprises, from the underground up to the noble rooms and then the walkways. You do not need a guide in person, you will find information panels in each room and stop where you prefer thanks to the free audio guide on your phone, which explains many peculiarities.

You can scan the Qr code or download the app of Izi.Travel. Normally the cost for the entrance is 5 euro, but the well signposted route and the view from the Towers amply repay the visit. Open daily from 8:30 to 19:30, the Rocca houses the Museum of the Historical Centres of the Marche and the Research and Documentation Centre, as well as numerous temporary exhibitions.


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Stop Lunch Break in Velluto Beach


If you are wondering where to have lunch don’t worry, Senigallia has the right answer for every palate.

Renowned resort called “Velvet Beach”, it boasts among the many attractions a high quality of food and wine. It is not by chance that it can boast five Michelin stars (3 stars at the restaurant Uliassi and 2 stars at La Madonnina del Pescatore) that, in relation to a population of more than 44 thousand inhabitants, is a Guinness record.

Primates aside, the visitor immediately perceives a high culture of food, found not only in restaurants, trattorias and taverns. In fact, even pastry shops, ice cream parlors, ovens, pizzerias and sandwich shops are expressed at levels of authentic excellence.

Get inspired and discover where to have lunch.

Stage 2: Palazzetto Baviera


Crossing the square after the visit of the Rocca, you enter the Palazzetto Baviera. The entrance ticket to the Rocca Roveresca entitles you to a reduction in the ticket of the exhibition venues of Palazzo del Duca and Palazzetto Baviera and vice versa.

This building is a palace of the ‘400 which preserves a small and elegant cloister and the beautiful stuccoes by Federico Brandani, depicting heroic deeds and biblical stories.

In addition to visiting the exhibitions that are held regularly in its decorated halls, do not miss to raise your eyes to the ceilings of the Old Testament hall, the Hall of the Labours of Hercules, that of Ilio, the epochs of Republican and Imperial Rome and the Camerino della Vittoria, where you can admire the extraordinary ceilings and stuccoes made by the artist from Urbino Federico Brandani (1520-1575).

Stage 3: Ducal Palace


Moving a few meters from Palazzetto Baviera we enter Palazzo Ducale, also known as “Palazzo Del Duca” which is one of the most representative historical buildings of the city of Senigallia. Probably, the increase of the economic role of Senigallia within the duchy influenced the decision of Francesco Maria II della Rovere, who succeeded his father in the 1574, to expand the court. The palace became a symbol of the duke’s supremacy. For this reason, Francesco Maria had a splendid fountain erected in front of his house, fed by the waters of the new aqueduct of San Gaudenzio.


Here the author’s photography here is protagonist with two exhibitions: on the one hand the permanent photographer in his homeland, Mario Giacomelli, with his Magic Realism; which reconstructs the link between some of his shots and the hills of his hometown. The photographic path, develops for about in an area of the surrounding countryside in the direction of Ostra, and allows to investigate the relationship of the artist with his roots, his past and his land. On the other side of the exhibition until June 2, 2024 you will find the photo exhibition of Sandy Skoglund dedicated to the imaginary worlds of photography.

The photographic path, develops in an area of the surrounding countryside in the direction of Ostra, and allows to investigate the relationship of the artist with his roots, his past and his land.


On the 2nd day we continue to the villages of the land within.

Discover the steps of the itinerary that will guide you to the next treasures of Val Mivola.

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    Where to eat in Senigallia

    Restaurant ScaloZero

    Since not everyone can afford a starred restaurant and we Italians prefer however high quality products, we were advised by the locals a restaurant/ bar with the best quality-ratioprice on the beach and in a few minutes we arrived from “Scalo Zero”. It is defined as one of the “places of the heart” by those who live there and favorite stop in every season and obviously recommended during a holiday at Senigallia.

    It is proposed as a location chic in front of the sea, with excellent raw materials, home hospitality, freshness in service and courtesy to the customer. You can eat both inside and out. I recommend the tables overlooking the beach, from which you can enjoy the sun and a beautiful view of the Rotonda a mare.

    In addition to pizza, which you can choose round with sourdough or ironed, you will find many varieties of fish and recommended dishes of the day, combined with excellent local wines such as Verdicchio.

    You can also come here for breakfast and if you have four-legged friends, keep them inside!

    Lungomare Marconi n.1


    Restaurant +39 071 9711730, Bistrot +39 349 6155976


    Snack with the best ice cream in Italy

    Among the best ice cream shops in Italy awarded with the Tre Coni dal Gambero Rosso you will find the Gelateria Paolo Brunelli. His ice cream parlor is in the historic center (in Via Carducci n.7) and open every day, he Marchigiano doc, born in ’65 on the hills of Agugliano, in the province of Ancona, is part of a family of restaurateurs.

    While we were visiting the new store and Factory Store of Mazocca gave us the opportunity to see how the ice cream and its desserts are made and told its story. As a young man he started to take care of hospitality and even before he was a teenager, he started making ice cream by himself, inheriting his grandmother’s recipes.

    The ice creams are super tasty and genuine and you can not help but ask for another one! The combination of ice cream shop (in the city center) and pastry shop Marzocca (Senigallia fraction), make this ice cream shop a must for lovers of the genre.

    Via Carducci, 7 – old town Senigallia or in Marzocca


    Info: tel. + 39 071 9732728


    Aperitif with view

    The aperitif in Senigallia is called Casa Nana and behind it there is a brand of chips in the bag, yes, but handmade and quality, which for some years have been populating. Chef Michele Gilebbi is from Le Marche and has worked in Spain, where aperitif tapas are very popular with customers.
    In Spain, it is normal to see mountains of loose fries as a decorative element in the most popular bars. Hence the idea of creating a brand of its own, linking it to the typical cuisine of the Marche region. Patatas Nana, stands out for the use of high-quality potatoes, often seasoned with valuable ingredients, and packaged in refined packaging. You will also find tasty, delicious, very Spanish aperitifs such as the famous chips declined in particular and unusual flavors.

    In May 2023, Patatas Nana opened a new space in Senigallia called Casa Nana. This shop and tapas bar is spread out over 140 square metres and has two counters. The chips, clearly, are the main protagonists, dominating the shelves and the culinary offer that begins with the aperitif from 18 and continues until 1 in the night.

    If you like to dance or just listen to great music, in the center of Senigallia is recently born this minimal but at the same time cozy, where on Sunday night are hosted the best Dj of the moment.

    Piazza Del Duca n.10 – historical centre




    Experiences to try and events not to be missed

    Summer Jamboree Festival: Every year between the end of July and the first half of August in Senigallia takes place the Summer Jamboree, which is the International Festival of music and culture of America of the 40s and 50s. The atmosphere is described by the locals as enchanted… it may seem incredible, but by attending the event, you have the opportunity to take a leap into the past and relive an unforgettable era. It is recognized as one of the most significant events internationally and lasts about a week. It is for the most part free admission, so it is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself completely in music and concerts, enjoying the festive atmosphere that surrounds the entire city, proved in time the ideal place to host this magnificent celebration!

    Despite some annual changes, the program always includes unmissable moments and “cult” places to explore to fully enjoy the spirit of the event.

    The first of all is undoubtedly the famous “Rotonda a Mare”, which in the evening, after the concerts in the square, comes alive with experienced dancers who dance until dawn.



    Experiences to try and events not to be missed

    Did you know that in Senigallia you can find art, craft and much more?

    For over twenty years, Anna and Lorenzo Marconi have been expressing their creativity through materials such as wood, ceramics, glass, papier-mâché and fabrics. “When you buy something of an artist, you are buying more than one object. You are buying a piece of heart, a part of soul, a moment of someone’s life.”

    The atmosphere you breathe when you enter here is to immerse yourself in a world of fairytale, which stands between unique creations made entirely with artisanal techniques. You will find painted wood carvings, but also the hospital of dolls and furnishings in terracotta and raku pottery. There are lots of gift ideas and theme items that you would only find in the most elegant dollhouse.

    The experience not to be missed is the chance to meet in person Anna or Lorenzo Marconi, who are great art lovers! Chatting with them is great and, by telephone agreement, you will have the opportunity to create a new souvenir in molded clay with your own hands. Find their atelier in the center of Senigallia, Orient-Express – Marconilandia, Via Cattabeni n.31.



    How to get there

    How to reach Senigallia using different means of transport

    By car: Senigallia is located in the center of the Adriatic coast, is connected to the major Italian and European centers by the A14 Bologna-Bari. It has an exit at the toll “Senigallia” and has a bypass coplanar to the highway that cuts the city from north to south with exits in the points of interest. The most spacious free parking spaces near the historic center are located in Viale Leopardi (ex pesa public and Ponte Portone).

    Largo Boito

    Viale Pietro Bonòpera

    zona Stadium and Largo M. Puccini (with hourly disk)

    By train: Senigallia is served by the Milan-Lecce Adriatic line and the line that connects Ancona with Rome.

    If you are wondering why the station of Senigallia is so colorful, know that it is the artistic conception of Geometricbang.

    From 13 June 2024 2 new daily Frecciarossa will connect Brescia, Milan and Ancona:

    departure from Brescia at 6:12 and from Milan at 7:05 and arrival in Ancona at 10:13

    restart from Ancona at 19:19 and arrive in Milan at 22:25 and Brescia at 23:18

    departure from Bolzano at 7:45 and arrival in Ancona at 12:45

    restart from Ancona at 16:00 and arrival in Bolzano at 20:40

    The Frecciarossa also stop in Trento, Rovereto, Verona P. Nuova, Bologna. C.le, Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica, Pesaro and Senigallia.

    By plane: Ancona-Falconara Airport, officially also called Marche Airport, is an Italian airport located 18 km from the city center of Ancona, in Castelferretti, in the municipality of Falconara Marittima. It is named after Raffaello Sanzio, the
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