immagine Salami from the Terre di Frattula, Castel Colonna di Trecastelli


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Salami from the Terre di Frattula, Castel Colonna di Trecastelli

In the northern part of the Marche a native pig called " pig of Frattula " is bred, from whose slaughter the homonymous salami is obtained, typical of the territories of Senigallia, Monterado, Corinaldo , Ripe, Castel Colonna, gathered in the “Terre di Frattula” Association.

The preparation of this salami requires that only shoulder, ham trimmings, bottom, minced lean meat or meat, ham, chunks of throat lard and chunks of back lard are used.

The meat is carefully cleaned from the cartilaginous and fatty parts, salted with sea salt, then peppercorns and red wine flavored with garlic and wild thyme or other vegetable spices are added.

The mixture is minced with a large extruder and the lardons are added before proceeding to stuffing, for which a gentle casing is used, peeled, washed and flavored with wine or solutions composed of water and anise, water and vinegar of wine or with mulled wine.

After having tied the ends of the Frattula salami by hand with a string of vegetable fiber, it is left to dry for one or two days and seasoned for a period of two to three months, depending on its weight and size.

This typical Marche region has a cylindrical shape, rough to the touch, a more or less dark brown color and is normally covered with a light patina of greyish white mold.

When cut, the slice appears homogeneous and compact, with a medium-fine grain, dark red in color, with white fat fragments distributed evenly in the fleshy mass.

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