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According to tradition, these biscuits are a Christmas sweet: the " pecorelle " were cooked the day before the epiphany and were then used to decorate the "palm della befana ".

For the occasion, in fact, in the houses of Corinaldo, a large branch of laurel appeared which was decorated with candies, chocolates, oranges and mandarins and of course the "sheep".

The name of the filled biscuits prepared for the holiday derives from their shape: the classic one is slightly crescent and with the characteristic spizzicature on the surface.

There is not a single recipe for " pecorelle ", but many versions that the Corinaldese families keep with care to recreate a splendid traditional dessert, made of simple ingredients.

In fact, the biscuit is made from a pastry made of flour, oil, sugar and white wine that contains a filling rich in flavor and aromas consisting of restricted must, breadcrumbs, walnuts, orange peel and cinnamon.

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