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The Velvet beach
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With over one thousand years of history, Senigallia lies on the Adriatic Sea and offers many opportunities for recreation and entertainment.
Visitors will enjoy its countless architectural and artistic beauties.
The city is awarded with the Blue Flag for the environmental quality of the coastal areas. The hilly hinterland hosts the enchanting villages of Scapezzano, Roncitelli and Montignano.


Rotonda sul Mare

Elegant, harmonious, fascinating: Rotonda a Mare is a unique and inimitable place and the symbolic image of Senigallia, with its long pier connecting the velvet beach and the Adriatic Sea.

With its harmonious linear forms, Rotonda is gently suspended between sky, land and sea and offers emotions and breathtaking views from its terraces.

Rocca Roveresca

The fortress was designed by the most brilliant Renaissance architects, Luciano Laurana and Baccio Pontelli. It is the result of the superimposition of various defensive structures over the centuries and it can be read like an extraordinary history book.

It contains the remains of previous fortifications, starting with the one built at the behest of Cardinal Egidio Albornoz in 1350 and then, in the mid-fifteenth century, the one built by Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta. The castle was given its present configuration during the rule of Giovanni Della Rovere in the last quarter of the 15th century.


Pinacoteca Diocesana

In the rooms of the bishop’s palace visitors can admire the works of important artists, starting with the large painting of Madonna and Child with Saints by Pietro Perugino.

Also on display here are Madonna of the Rosary and Saint Dominic by Federico Barocci and Baptism of Christ and Nativity by Andrea Lilli. There are also some works by the Arcevia-born painter Ercole Ramazzani, who was a pupil of Lorenzo Lotto.

Finally, the museum hosts numerous valuable sacred and profane objects.

In the footsteps of Mario Giacomelli

Chasing the shots of the great photographer Mario Giacomelli in the hills of Senigallia.

Mario Giacomelli, artist born and lived in Senigallia, is considered one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century and his works are exhibited in the world’s most important museums.

But where did Mario Giacomelli go to take his photos, what interested him most and what were his main sources of inspiration?

Your stay in Val Mivola must include an itinerary in the hills of Senigallia in search of the shots and panoramas that inspired Mario Giacomelli’s poetry in images, discovering the relationship of this great artist with his roots and his land.



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