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La Via dei Castelli

Arcevia and its castles, set in the green of the woods, between high walls where time has stopped.
Path of medium-high difficulty for the many climbs, which however are short and with modest slope. Surely the beauty of this path makes you forget the fatigue. Accessible all year round, but recommended especially in spring-summer and autumn. The roads are almost free of traffic. You must stop and visit Arcevia and its castles that you meet along the way.


Please refer to the websites and to the classic tourist guides for information on the sites of historical, cultural and naturalistic interest that are found along the route.

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start from SP Arceviese

junction for Barbara Hours : 9:00 -

From the Strada Provinciale Arceviese, at the junction with Barbara, climb gently for 4 km to Montale.

Stop in Montale

Hours : 9:15 -

From Montale with steep but short detour you can decide to climb to Piticchio.

Stop in Piticchio

Hours : 9:45 - Arcevia 60011 AN

You return to the Provincial Road that runs on the ridge, with views of the mountains up to San Vicino and on clear days up to the Sibillini Mountains. You then go up to Arcevia.

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Stop in Arcevia

Hours : 10:15 -

Just outside the town you can enjoy the view of the mountains Strega and Catria. Then, after a short downhill stretch, turn right and take the road of the old quarry and return to Conce and then head towards Vado and Avacelli.

Stop in Avacelli

Hours : 11:30 - Arcevia 60011 AN

There are numerous viewpoints on Arcevia and the mountains behind and towards the sea. After returning to the Bivio Maestà, descend to the castle of Castiglioni.

Stop in Castiglioni

Hours : 11:45 -

Passing through the center of the small village of Castiglioni continue towards Serra de’ Conti and Osteria.

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Stop in Serra de' Conti-Osteria

Hours : 12:10

We continue towards Barbara.

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Stop in Barbara


From Barbara go down to the Provincial Corinaldese and then go up to Castelleone di Suasa.

logo  immagine Pausa Pranzo in Val Mivola

Lunch break

Hours : 13:00
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Stop in Castelleone di Suasa

Hours : 14:30 -

On this beautiful and panoramic stretch one after the other meet the castles of Loretello, San Pietro and Palazzo.

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Stop in Montefortino

Hours : 15:40 -

Crossing Montefortino you return to the roundabout of Conce and, after a short stretch on the provincial road Arceviese, you go up to Montale and take the panoramic road on the ridge to Barbara.

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Arrival SP Arceviese

Junction for Barbara Hours : 16:15 -

From Barbara go down again on the Provincial Arceviese and back to the starting point.

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    90 km.


    Medium technical capacity

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