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Flours of our own bag

The bread chain is given great attention in Val Mivola. In Arcevia we find the mays ottofile of Roccacontrada that allows the preparation of a polenta of great quality. Of great value is also the flour produced in the area of Barbara ground in an ancient medieval mill.

As befits an area with deep-rooted agricultural traditions in Val Mivola, particular attention is paid to the bread production chain, from sowing to its production and marketing.

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Mays ottofile di Roccacontrada

In the territory of Arcevia we find the Mays ottofile of Roccacontrada ecotype autochthonous of the ancient eight-row variety of red produced in the area of Arcevia, so called because of the caryopsis arranged in pairs on the ear that form precisely ottofile. The corn flour with an intense aroma allows the preparation of a polenta of great organoleptic qualities.

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Old mill

In the area of Barbara is produced a particular flour ground in an ancient medieval stone mill. These flours used in the dough have won awards to numerous pizzerias around the world, including Cecconi’s pizzeria in London.

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Easter Crescia

If you spend the Easter holidays in Val Mivola you can not help but taste the Easter crescia, traditional leavened cheese-based Easter period, also known as cheese cake.

Particularly appreciated that of Serra de’ Conti. Crescia owes its name to the volume of the dough volume due to the presence of brewer’s yeast. It is prepared with the same dough as bread and is usually grilled or, in the most traditional way, under the grill.

It goes very well with wild herbs and cold cuts such as loin, salami and ham.

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