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Enjoy the first dishes from our territory: from the fish soup of Senigallia with thirteen different types of fish slowly cooked, to the soup made with “cicerchia”, a poor and until recently almost forgotten legume, which has become a Slow Food presidium. Do not miss the famous polenta (cornmeal) of Arcevia and the tagliatelle (noodles) of Piticchio, one of the castles around Arcevia.

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Brodetto di pesce

Our itinerary among the “first courses” that can be tasted in the Val Mivola begins with fish soup, the main dish of the maritime tradition of Senigallia.

Fish broth is a tasty fish soup from the Adriatic Sea.

It is a dish of our tradition handed down orally whose composition varies from port to port. The Senigallic version is one of the tastiest.

The real “portolotti” recipe involves the use of 13 different types of fish slowly cooked in a sautéed onion, tomato and vinegar.

Senigallia also has a fishing port and a fish market, where you can buy fish from the early morning.

Originally the latter was located inside the Forum Annonario.

The species fished in the local waters are the shrimp, mullets, moorhens, sole and pink shrimp, which accompany the other species caught in the neighbouring Ancona and Portonovo.

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To be the master among the first made in Val Mivola there is definitely the passatello, a long compact and tender dough obtained from a rich dough of breadcrumbs, grated cheese, and eggs that is precisely “passed” through the holes of a special cooking tool.

During the summer Pianello di Ostra even organizes a festival dedicated to passatello.

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Cicerchia soup

presidio Slow Food

Once you arrive in Serra de’ Conti the opportunity is delicious to enjoy a soup of cicerchia.

The cicerchia is a poor legume until recently cultivated by few farmers and then abandoned.

Its cultivation was resumed by some farmers gathered in a cooperative that have become the product a slow food garrison of our territory.

In the territory of Serra de’ Conti is cultivated with low environmental impact techniques a particular variety of cicerchia with a little leathery skin and a less bitter taste than the others that makes it particularly appreciable to the taste. To prepare it, 8 hours of soaking and 45 minutes of cooking are enough.

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The journey ends in Arcevia where you can taste a tasty and tasty polenta with great organoleptic qualities that became part of the network of Slow Mays.

Particularly recommended polenta in the classic version, with wild boar and porcini mushrooms.

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Tagliatelle ala piticchiana

A typical first course of Piticchio, one of the castles of Arcevia, are the tagliatelle alla piticchiana that were prepared for important festivals such as threshing.

The tagliatelle are seasoned with a very full-bodied sauce, consisting of a sauté in the lard of onions, carrots and celery to which are added entrails of chicken goose and maghetti, minced meat and sausage paste; is blended with the wine of the area and at the end is added the tomato sauce.

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