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Via Carducci

A not to be missed stop for visitors, via Carducci is the “lounge” of the historical town centre with a bohemian atmosphere.


The splendid frame of Via Carducci, enriched by the powerful Porta Lambertina (the city door dedicated to Pope Benedict XIV, Prospero Lambertini), is a privileged venue to host events, concerts, and fairs.


The memory of the old magnificent Fiera della Maddalena (Magdalene’s Trade Fair) is still vivid: here many foreign consulates had their offices to protect the merchants and their activities. Today, the names of the streets – Rodi, Smirne, Corfù, Narente – are an evidence of the lively trade between the fair and Europe, and especially with the East, which made Senigallia famous all over the continent.


With the recent refurbishment works, Via Carducci has seen the set-up of many trade activities. Some of them, like “Brunelli” ice cream parlour and “Nanà piccolo bistrot” wine place, have received numerous international prized and awards.

Via Carducci is connected to the port and to Mameli seafront with a pedestrian/bike underpass to enjoy a beautiful walk along the beach starting from the city centre.


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