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Fish cuisine

Ristorante Uliassi

Uliassi restaurant is by the sea, between the port channel and the beach. It is a vibrant place. It is beautiful during all seasons; in the wind, in the rain, in the snow or on still hot summer days.

Rated with 19 Espresso, 2 Michelin stars, 92 ° guide Gambero Rosso, 86th in the 2016 ranking of the 1,000 most important restaurants in the world, 53 th in the ranking of the chef best in the world for driving “100 chef 2016″, 37th best restaurant in Europe OAD 2016, the restaurant is rated in the top 10 in Italy.


We love to define our cuisine as simple and contemporary because it uses the best of today’s modern technology, and at the same time keeping within its traditional roots. It is continuously evolving, it is not a photocopy of original dishes, but rather it is influenced by our travels and our surroundings.
Seafood is the main ingredient we use. However, for inland cultural reasons, we also enjoy challenging ourselves to game dishes.

The view of the sea lashed by the wind, the waves which crash against the pier, the seagulls who remain still on the rocks impassive to the cold, the smell of seaweed or that of the tarry smokey ports, the smell of the sea, the high seas, the wet cliffs, these are the traits which inspire our cuisine.

Ristorante Uliassi


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