immagine In the quiet of the mountains: between history and spirituality.
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In the quiet of the mountains: between history and spirituality.

This itinerary is certainly challenging because of the uphill difference, but equally rewarding for the panoramic views and for the sense of absolute tranquility that is felt in many of its stretches. The roads are largely free of car traffic, with bottom suitable for road bikes or gravel. Passable all year, but recommended especially in spring-summer and autumn.

What to bring

Helmet, preferably technical clothing. Water 1 liter, kway or rain cape, snacks, dried fruit.


Please refer to the websites and to the classic tourist guides for information on the sites of historical, cultural and naturalistic interest that are found along the route.

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Departure from Arcevia

The Pearl of the Mountains Hours : 8:30 -

You start from Arcevia, the “Pearl of the Mountains”, and from here you go down to Conce to take the SP 14 to the Bivio Maestà. Turn right and climb up to Avacelli, to continue to Rocchetta and walk through the spectacular Scappuccia Valley.

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Valle Scappuccia

Park of the Red Gorge Hours : 10:00 -

We are in the middle of the Red Gorge Park. After Lake Fossi, we climb to Pierosara.

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Stop in San Vittore

Hours : 10:20 -

From San Vittore, with its Romanesque abbey, you enter the Frasassi Gorge, among the high cliffs that are the custody of the treasure of the Caves.

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Stop in Genga

Hours : 10:50 -

From the medieval village of Genga continue to Meleto, Trinquelli and from the panoramic pass to Nebbiano. A short detour takes you to Fabriano to visit the Paper and Watermark Museum.

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Stop in Sassoferrato

Hours : 11:30 -

A narrow road between the fields leads us to Sassoferrato, the ancient “Sentinum”, with its Archaeological Park. Then take the road to Scheggia, turning immediately left to Bastia, between Monte Cucco and Monte Strega.

logo  immagine Itinerario_cicloturistico_rnc3_abbazia_sitra_val_mivola

Stop in Abbazia di Sitria

Hours : 13:00 -

From Perticano and Pascelupo you reach Isola Fossara and turning right you go up to the Abbey of Sitria, an important place for the ancient presence of the Templars.

logo  immagine Pausa Pranzo in Val Mivola

lunch break

Hours : 13:30
logo  immagine Itinerario_cicloturistico_rnc3_verso_cabernardi_val_mivola

Stop in Cabernardi

Area Mine di Zolfo Hours : 15:30 -

Going down from the pass towards Serra Sant’Abbondio, with a detour to the left you can reach the majestic monastery of Fonte Avellana. In the direction of Pergola, descend to Bellisio Solfare. From here a demanding climb leads us to Cabernardi, in the area of the Mine of Zolfo.

logo  immagine Itinerario_cicloturistico_rnc3_rientro_ad_arcevia_val_mivola

Arrival in Arcevia

Hours : 17:00 -

Descend and then climb again, continuing for some of the most beautiful castles of Arcevia, Caudino and Palazzo, then Montefortino to finally return to Arcevia.

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