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A short path, but very varied and technical for the characteristics of the road, for the continuous ups and downs and for the panoramic views. For most of the track is wrapped in the total silence of the countryside. The absence of noise enhances the sounds of nature and amplifies the relationship with the landscape. Spicello is a small cluster of houses with about 30 inhabitants and with the Church of San Giuseppe, wanted and built by the locals, now a destination for frequent pilgrimages. From Montecucco the view sweeps over the hills that gently slope down to the sea.

What to bring

Helmet, preferably technical clothing. Water 1 liter, kway or rain cape, snacks, dried fruit.


Please refer to the websites and to the classic tourist guides for information on the sites of historical, cultural and naturalistic interest that are found along the route.

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Start from Senigallia

Hours : 8:30 -

From Senigallia you go to Cesano on the Lungomare di Ponente. After the bridge over the river, take Via Cesanense and Via Bastia to the roundabout on the Provincial Pergolese. After the double tunnel under the motorway, climb the dirt road of Via Monteciappellano and from here continue to San Costanzo.

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Stop in San Costanzo

Hours : 9:45 -

After San Costanzo in Solfanuccio turn right and take the Strada Vencareto downhill to the Rio Stream and then uphill on dirt road for 4 km on the Rio Road to Spicello.

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Stop in Spicello

Hours : 10:15 -

For a short stretch, take the provincial road towards Montecucco. From here you quickly continue almost always downhill on the Strada Monte Bugaro and Piagiolino, with partly uneven road. Take the dirt road Via Santo Stefano and then Via Casale to Ponte Rio.

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Arrival in Senigallia

Hours : 11:30 -

After Ponte Rio, turn right into the countryside on a small road that runs on the right side of the Rio, up to Molino Vecchio. We return to the asphalt road until Ponte Cesano and then Senigallia.

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