immagine The treasures of Val Mivola part 4:  from the Frasassi Caves to the Castles of Arcevia ( by Daniele C.C.)
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The treasures of Val Mivola part 4: from the Frasassi Caves to the Castles of Arcevia ( by Daniele C.C.)

The last stage of Daniele Cesaro’s viaggio(profilo Istagram to discover the treasures of Val Mivola takes you to explore the Frasassi Caves to the Castles of Arcevia.

On this page you will find la 4 and last part of the route described in the guide created by Daniele Cesaro(profile Istagramcc), the travel blogger of Venetian origin who travels to the search for the best experiences to try in Italy and in the world in a completely sustainable way.

Daniele Cesaro(profile, with his experience and passion for travel, will guide you to the discovery of unique places and unforgettable activities, all with respect for the environment and local communities. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure, immersed in the unspoilt beauty of our country, discovering hidden treasures and authentic traditions.

Day 4

From the Frasassi Caves to the Castles of Arcevia.

The tour Val Mivola ends in the 4th and last day, taking you to discover the Regional Natural Park of the Red Gorge and Frasassi and the Castles of Arcevia.

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Stage 1: Caves of Frasassi Speleological Route

Leaving the town of Serra De Conti continue for 35 km in the direction of the Regional Natural Park of Gola della Rossa and Frasassi, a protected area in the heart of the Apennines reachable by car in about 30 minutes, by mountain bike takes at least 50 minutes.

A curiosity that few know is that the total length of the Frasassi Caves has been estimated at 30 km and its largest environment, l’Abisso Ancona, has a volume of about 1,000,000 cubic meters, with a height of 240 meters, so much so that it could host, as the guides recall, even the Duomo di Milano.

We are preparing to face an evocative experience like entering the bowels of the earth, equipped with suit, helmet and boots!

Classic visit with Tourist route or Speleological visit?

Se scegliete la visita classica e avete la possibilità di organizzate la visita durante la settimana e/o in bassa stagione troverete meno affollamento. The itinerary is not a loop but you return exactly through the same route of the way. As you can easily imagine, inside the complex there are no toilets, you will find them both at the parking/ ticket office, both at the entrance of the caves. It is not possible to introduce food inside the caves. The itinerary is easy and suitable for everyone, even for families with children. The strollers, however, can be used are inside the first two rooms, because of the many steps in the following rooms. So it is advisable, for those who had children who still do not walk, to get a baby carrier or baby carrier band.

In the useful info you can find all the information about the speleological visit, choose the route you prefer and the contacts for booking.


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Valadier temple

(Madonna di Frasassi Sanctuary)

If you have time and I recommend considering the short distance APPOFITTATENE, go to the Temple of Valadier where you will also find a small hermitage.

It is one of the most evocative sanctuaries of the Marche, nestled in the rocky belly of the Gola della Rossa and Frasassi.

The path to reach the temple initially if you do not have a minimum of training could be tiring (uphill road) but with a little patience and good will you can do.

the path that starts from the road that runs along the Gorge, is not far from the entrance of the Frasassi Caves, wide and paved and with a slope so light to be passable also by children or strollers and, for lovers of two wheels, also in bicycle.

After about 800 meters uphill, accompanied by the majestic views of the mountains and the relaxing sound of the river Sentino, we reach the portal of a deeply spiritual site. Already in 1029, there was an oratory in this town, still visible today and lying against a rocky wall of the cave that also houses the Temple of Valadier. This small sacred place, called “Infrasaxa”, once belonged to the Benedictine nuns, continues to collect the prayers of the many visitors who arrive here.

Info and reservations

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Stage 2: It’s time to recover with a good meal

For the lunch break we booked an excellent restaurant that is located in Genga, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy consisting of 24 Frazioni and preserves unique and extraordinary beauties such as: the Abbey of San Vittore alle Chiuse, the Valadier Temple and the most famous Frasassi Caves that leave the visitor breathless.

In an elegant and refined environment, such as that of the Castle of Genga, which thanks to the commitment of restaurateurs back to show all its charm, Restaurant la Scaletta offers typical dishes of the Marche, flavors of the earth and carefully selected wines.

The restaurant Ristorante la Scaletta offers dishes in full respect of the ancient Marche tradition and using only local products, the proposed dishes will be able to transport you in a perfect mix between modern and traditional cuisine, the products are all at Km 0, meat, truffles and fresh porcini mushrooms, meats and cheeses, fresh fish.


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Stage 3: To the Castles of Arcevia


Are you ready to try walks along the paths to discover the 9 Castles of Arcevia?

You can enjoy bike tours, Nordic Walking, horseback rides between Avacelli, Castiglioni, Caudino, Montale, Piticchio, Loretello, Nidastore, San Pietro in Musio and Palazzo.

The numerous paths within the Natural Park of Gola della Rossa and Frasassi, will make you discover an authentic environment, where nature is lush and where native botanical species show all their beauty. You can spot deer, butterflies, hawks, porcupines and all the fauna present in this uncontaminated piece close to the Apennines.

Leaving the village of Genga behind with a short distance of about 15 km, 15 minutes by car and 35 minutes by bike, we decide to dispose of the calories of lunch with a short path by mountain bike discovering Palazzo, one of the 9 Castles of the Municipality of Arcevia (Orange Flag).

To accompany us the guide Matteo Fattori which organizes among these villages wonderful guided hiking and mountain biking days. The landscapes we met are real postcards!!

Matteo is very helpful and personalizes the paths according to the needs of the customer who meets with the intent to combine fun, healthy physical activity and immerse themselves in nature.

I leave you his Facebook page with contacts ArceviaOurdoorEXP

Stage 4: Flying from one Castle to another unique emotions at the Toy Museum

Piticchio di Arcevia 60011 Ancona Arcevia

The only museum in Italy with trains from 100 years ago that still work? There are not only trains but much more… Piticchio hides “museum playing”, a space where toys come to life.

The MUSEOGIOCANDO collection includes more than 4,500!!!! objects, which have been divided into three types: vintage toys, railway models and models of road vehicles.

In the village of Piticchio, one of the 9 castles of Arcevia, in fact thanks to the presence of the owner Gianni and his wonderful employees you can become a child admiring an incredible collection of games ranging from the oldest to the most modern, having fun running trains and learning more about their history.

Here you will find everything: cars, trains, dolls, toy soldiers, airplanes, ships, mechanical toys, furniture and kitchens in miniature and much more, including the rare Dinky produced in South Africa and relatively few products of Italian brands.

But the real strength of this museum is the presence of the owner Gianni and his wonderful collaborators that make you feel at home involving and playing with you.

logo  immagine itinerario-tappa-4-castello-loretello

Stage 5: It’s time for relaxation and a good glass of wine

somewhere to sleep Arcevia

At a distance of a few kilometers from Loretello, Divine Dream looks like a small bungalow village in the shape of a wine barrel.

This idyllic corner is perfect for those looking for an escape from the daily routine and want to immerse themselves in the traditions and local delights of this magnificent region.

Thanks to its bungalows in the shape of a wine barrel away from the noise of modern life, we enjoyed the tranquility, had a picnic with the products of the winery listening to the silence and admiring a wonderful sunset.

Concluding the second day of this rich and varied tour, you will have the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the traditions, history and gastronomic culture of the Marche, a region that continues to surprise and delight its visitors at every step.

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    Frasassi Caves:

    Classic visit with Tourist route or Speleological visit?

    The duration of the visit is about 75 minutes and follows well-defined shifts, which vary in frequency according to the number of visitors. The exact time is indicated on the ticket that will be purchased. Access to the Caves is allowed only through guided tours. Approximately every 10/15 minutes, a group of 50 people is accompanied by an expert guide provided by the Frasassi Consortium.

    To access the underground complex, there is an artificial tunnel of 223 meters, equipped with airtight doors that intersperse the passage. These structures are essential to maintain a constant internal temperature of 14 degrees.

    Speleological visit

    In addition to the standard route, there are two alternative routes, which allow access to the halls not visited by the normal tourist route: The Blue Route is the easiest and is suitable for everyone, adults and children, provided they have reached the age of 12. It lasts about two hours and includes short climbs, passages through tunnels, bottlenecks and natural slides.

    The Red Path, however, is suitable for those who have already made the blue path or for those who feel particularly adventurous. Lasting about 3 hours, it provides some additional difficulties, such as a “jump” of 30 meters (obviously to be done appropriately harnesses), tunnels to be crossed practically crawling and particularly slippery climbs. Personal protective clothing and equipment shall be provided by the organisation. For these adventure routes you must book at least a week in advance by calling the toll-free number 800 166 250 or by email, writing to >

    This route is an excellent starting point for those who want to get closer to caving. It offers short climbs, passages through narrow tunnels and descents on slides. It is necessary to pay attention to the slightly irregular and occasionally slippery sections of the path, due to the considerable presence of mud.

    The unconventional route starts from the “hall of infinity”, located at the end of the standard tourist route, and continues through the narrow “Cinnamon” until you reach the “Four Sisters”; subsequently, a long tunnel leads to the “hall Finland”.

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