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You are a 'beach type' and consider your holiday exclusively as a source of relaxation, recreation and fun. You like to alternate fun evenings, dancing on the beach to the rhythm of rock and roll, and quiet days under the sun between the shore and the umbrella

You usually prefer to travel in the summer and are always looking for pleasant experiences and new friends. When you organize a holiday or a trip, all your want to do is relax, getting away from the stress and thoughts of everyday life.

You never give up the pleasures of life, such as good food, the ritual of the aperitif, the perfect evening in the perfect place or pull late at night with friends.

Your mantra is to enjoy your vacations ‘as if there is no tomorrow’.

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In the Marche there are vincisgrassi. Seven layers of pasta pulled by hand, wet with béchamel sauce and an old style ragout, where the flavor of the regaglie dominates. It’s Grandma’s Sunday plate. Born in the late eighteenth century, today, thanks to a work of territorial promotion, vincisgrassi are back in vogue with their unique taste.

Egg pasta
Meat sauce
Parmigiano Reggiano grated


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