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Before you set out on a journey, you want to know everything about the local dishes, the typical products and the best restaurants in your destination. Taste is the compass that always traces your route. Obviously, your itinerary always includes a visit to wineries, local food producers and historic shops, where you can pick up some goodies to take home at the end of your holiday. Whether you are a gourmand, or simply a foodie, good food and wine are a continuous source of excitement and emotions for you.

You are constantly looking for authentic flavors, for seasonal products and for a short supply chain, which you consider essential values in respect of quality, sustainability and small local economies.

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Salsiccia Matta di Senigallia

E’ un insaccato prodotto esclusivamente in alcune macellerie del centro storico di Senigallia.

Pare fosse presente già nell’ottocento come omaggio dei macellai locali ai propri clienti per insaporire il brodo del pranzo di Natale.

La salsiccia “matta” ( dove il termine matta sta per diversa) è salume con carni miste bovine e suine affumicato a mano.

Il salume è ...

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