immagine Mario Giacomelli Earth and Light – Guided Tour

Mario Giacomelli Earth and Light – Guided Tour

Wednesday afternoon from June to September - excursion to the places of Giacomelli

Walk in the countryside of Senigallia along the path Earth and Light, a journey through the landscapes immortalized by the shots of the great photographer from Senigallia Mario Giacomelli that give us art, beauty and a picture of the changes in the rural area of Marche.

The changes of the Senigallian territory in the photographs of the master Mario Giacomelli

The route reconstructs the link between some photographs of Giacomelli and the territory of Senigallia. Giacomelli’s images become the starting point to highlight the changes that occurred in our territory during the last fifty years. This itinerary allows us to reflect on our territory and investigates Giacomelli’s relationship with his roots, his past and his land.

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The Project

Where did the photographer Mario Giacomelli go to take his photos? Which places impressed him the most? Is it possible to build a path that shows fans, citizens and tourists the shots, the shots of the great photographer senigalliese?

Is it possible to compare the territory stopped on the film with the current one of our hills?

From these questions springs the main meaning of the project Earth and Light: to reconstruct the link between some photographs of Giacomelli and the territory of Senigallia.

We did not choose the most famous or most beautiful shots that characterized his work, but those of which it was possible to find the places and people who are the protagonists.

It is a field research work, inspired by “Piero’s Balconies” in Montefeltro. The images of Giacomelli were the starting point to highlight the changes that occurred in our territory. In this interpretation we analyzed them and compared them with the places and landscapes of today to grasp the profound changes.

The result is a significant feature of the transformations, not always for the better, that have taken place over the last fifty years, to the discovery of which we are guided by the journey of research.

This itinerary is the point of arrival of a project that, thanks to the contribution of scholars, allows to make a reflection on our territory and investigates the relationship of Giacomelli with its roots, its past and its land.

A heartfelt thanks goes to the family members of Mario Giacomelli, the protagonists and witnesses of his works, the creators and organizers of this project, the institutions and individuals who supported him.


The itinerary

The circular route that we propose develops for about 10 km in a large area of the Senigallian countryside near the village of Sant’Angelo in the south of Senigallia, 5 km from the center, along the Sirolo Senigallia Provincial Road, in the direction of Ostra.

It starts from the first station (A, B) located in the hamlet of Sant’Angelo, at the beginning of Borgo Marzi, in the pitch in front of the primary school.

To continue, go towards the provincial road, turn left and, after 100 m, turn right into Strada del Ferriero.

After 30 m turn right again on Strada Costa dei Fabbri and follow it to the end where you will find the B&B Sant’Angelo. We are thus at the second station (A, B).

To reach the third you have to return to the provincial road and follow it upstream for at least 1.5 km until you take the right Strada della Querciabella, after about 1.2 km on the left is the third station.
To reach the fourth and last station you have to continue along Strada della Querciabella and, at the junction, turn right on Strada del Crocifisso. It comes down to this point
for about 500 m and you reach the place where the itinerary ends.

To return to the starting point continue along Strada del Crocifisso for about 500 m and then take, on the right, Strada della Ruffina that will lead us to the provincial road.

From there turn left and, after about 400 m, reach the starting point in the hamlet of Sant’Angelo.

The individual stations are marked on the spot.

  • location WHERE

  • ticketPRICE

    Excursion fee: 15 € (environmental guide service)

  • tour-guide GUIDED TOURS

    Points of interest: Countryside, Giacomelli, Panoramas, Rural Landscape, Photography.
    End of activity: hours 19.30 ca.
    Length: 6
    Elevation gain: 250 m approx.
    Difficulty: Tourist
    Transport: Own vehicles
    Water points along the route: present


    Route info : Earth and Light Brochure


    What to bring (mandatory): hiking shoes or with carved sole, breathable shirt, water 1.5 liters, kway or rain cape, chocolate, snacks, dried fruit.
    We recommend a complete replacement to keep in the car and a shirt in the backpack, sticks, binoculars and camera.


    Compulsory reservation
    The excursion will be confirmed upon reaching a minimum number of participants.

    For information and reservations:
    Seni.galliaIncoming Tour Operator: cell. 3453965537, e-mail:

    Phone numbers 07165343

    Web page

    How to get there

    Meeting point: Loc. Vallone di Senigallia Circolo Arci hours 16:00

    Photo credits: Archivio Mario Giacomelli © Rita e SimoneGiacomelli - Collezione Museo Comunale d’Arte Moderna dell’Informazione e della Fotografia Senigallia


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