immagine Be a “fool” for one day

Be a “fool” for one day

Strolling the town of Corinaldo means to immerse oneself in the many “village stories”. These stories have been collected in a book by the journalist-photographer Mario Carafòli and have given Corinaldo the title of “village of fools”.


According to an old rumour, the people of Corinaldo waged war against those of Montenovo with a fig cannon. The rivalry between Corinaldo and Montenovo (Ostra Vetere) had lasted for a long time and in particular concerned the possession of the territory called Gabbianello located between the two municipalities. The people of Corinaldo always wanted to excel and had an ingenious idea. They took a fig tree trunk and made a cannon out of it. They brought the new weapon under the walls of Montenovo and prepared for battle, confident in the certainty of victory over Montenovo. The seven bravest soldiers from Corinaldo held the fig cannon while the commander set fire to the fuse. A tremendous roar was heard and when the smoke cleared, the seven were on the ground lifeless, while those from Montenovo were playing the morra game, shouting a whole series of numbers. The commander immediately ran to Corinaldo shouting: “The cannon has fired hard, so hard that here seven have died, on the other side … a massacre”.

Cannone di Fico - ingresso Palazzo Comunale


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