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2 Apr 2022 3 Apr 2022

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Arturo Brachetti – SOLO the Legend of quick change

The new season of SOLO the Legend of quick change is entirely dedicated to Italy, the great one man show of the greatest transformer in the world Arturo Brachetti who has chosen to celebrate his return to theaters with a great tour Italian, the last before moving abroad


The protagonist is transformism, that art that made him famous all over the world and that here reigns supreme with over 60 new characters, many designed specifically for this show, who will appear in front of the spectators in a pressing and engaging rhythm.

But in SOLO Brachetti also offers a journey into its artistic history, through the other fascinating disciplines in which it excels: great classics such as Chinese shadows, mime and chapeaugraphie, and surprising novelties such as poetic sand painting and the magnetic laser beam. The mix between traditional scenography and videomapping allows to emphasize the details and involve the spectators.

Brachetti in SOLO opens the doors of his house, opens the doors of his house, made of memories and fantasies; a house without place and time, where the above becomes the below and the stairs go down to go up. Inside each of us there is a house like this, where each of the rooms tells a different aspect of our being and the objects of everyday life come to life, leading us to extraordinary worlds where the only limit is the imagination. It is a secret house, without present, past and future, in which we keep dreams and desires… Brachetti will open the door of each room, to discover the story that is contained and that will come to life on the stage.

Real and surreal, truth and fiction, magic and reality: everything is possible together with Arturo Brachetti, the great international master of quick change who has created a surrealist and acrobatic variety, in which to immerse oneself while leaving rationality at home.

From the characters of the famous TV series to Magritte and the great icons of pop music, passing through fairy tales and the fight with laser beams in the Matrix style, Brachetti beats the rhythm on stage: 90 minutes of real show designed for everyone, starting with families . The show is a real as-SOLO for one of the most loved Italian artists in the world, who returns to the scene with enthusiasm to give the public his most complete work: SOLO.

ARTURO BRACHETTI. Famous and acclaimed all over the world, Brachetti is the great international master of quick-change, that transformism that he himself has brought back into vogue, reinventing it in a contemporary key. His career began in Paris in the 80s: from here on
his career is unstoppable, in a continuous crescendo that has established him as one of the few Italian artists of international level, with a solid reputation outside our country.

He has performed in the four corners of the planet, in different languages ​​and in hundreds of theaters. His previous one man show The Man of a Thousand Faces was seen by over 2,000,000 spectators. His quickchange numbers are fast enough to be undefeated in the Guinness Book of Records.

Director, showteller, artistic director… Brachetti is a 360 ° artist known all over the world for his ability to bring the typical elements of Italian DNA to the stage: quality, love for “beauty”, taste and, above all, imagination.

  • location Where and When

    2 Apr 2022 21:00 -

    3 Apr 2022 21:00 -

  • ticketPRICE

    1° settore € 50,00 + prevendita 7,50
    2° settore € 40,00 + prevendita 6,00
    3° settore € 30,00 + prevendita 4,50


    La biglietteria del Teatro La Fenice è aperta ogni venerdì e sabato dalle ore 17.00 alle 20.00

    Phone numbers 3351776042

    Web page


    How to get there

    Il teatro la fenice si trova in via Cesare Battisti, 30.

    Dalla stazione è facilmente raggiungibile a piedi, in solo 5 minuti di passeggiata nel centro storico.

    Vicino al teatro sono presenti 2 parcheggi: quello della ex pesa pubblica e quello di ponte Zavatti



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