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You are a lover of art and culture and for your travels you prefer art cities, museums and exhibitions. But you also like to visit historic villages and small settlements, which you consider as real treasure chests of history, art and architecture. You are always looking for new cultural experiences that can satisfy your endless curiosity and your thirst for knowledge. When you choose a tourist destination, your desire is to plunge yourself in a dimension of beauty to be explored. You firmly believe in slow tourism, in human-scale rhythms, in the importance of experiencing the place and paying attention to details. For you, traveling has an almost spiritual dimension.

The truly valuable things to be discovered during your travels include local crafts, good food and typical traditions handed down directly from the people, with whom you love to get in touch.

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Salami from the Terre di Frattula, Castel Colonna di Trecastelli

In the northern part of the Marche a native pig called " pig of Frattula " is bred, from whose slaughter the homonymous salami is obtained, typical of the territories of Senigallia, Monterado, Corinaldo , Ripe, Castel Colonna, gathered in the “Terre di Frattula” Association.

The preparation of this salami requires that only shoulder, ham trimmings, bottom, minced lean meat or meat, ham, chunks of throat lard and chunks of ...

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